Porion & Friendz * Blast Broken Black

01. Bring A Blam Blam (vs LKJ)
02. Kikawitubitchu Meets Radikal
03. Ruin U, Cunt (vs Azealia Banks)
04. Proud To Be Black Metal 
05. Krotok Morvax Predikator * Alatakmek (Porion RMX)
06. Psykoxxx * Hell On Earth (Porion RMX)
07. Baconhanger * Black (Porion RMX)
08. Tooth Eye * De Geso Desu Masume Aoi Aoi (Porion RMX)


Porion, who has also released under the names Horion, Gottschalk, Joviator, and has been involved in different bands like Geyser, and Industry of Bliss, was started in 2010. He is also the driving force behind the prolific French netlabel NKS International Muzakillabel, which was founded in 1993. 

The Porion sound can best be described as an amalgamation of breakcore and metal, with elements of speedcore, darkstep, dub, and dancecore. 

This is a co-release with NKS International. 

GENRE: Breakcore, Darkstep, Metal